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Anatolian Marbles

There is a big power of nature in the world with some "big characters"

All big characters have create magnific story in their own life. Sometimes it's mysterious way; sometimes thats's in underground, sometimes within heartland to the world or sometimes born to be connection ans a character. When all of these article are all together, a story arises.

Likes story of Arslanlar Marble.

Millions of years waiting to be discovered
the miracle of nature


  • Silver Root

  • Armoni

  • El Dorado

  • Grey Philharmonic

  • River Onyx

  • Brown Armoni

  • Silver River

  • Terra Mater


    We produce marble for all of the world

    We are exporting block marble, polished, honed products to all over the world with our customer satisfaction within trust. We are getting enoble to our relations with our customer satisfaction step by step and we are giving our best to preserve nature and environment for respect of dame nature while we are getting our products.

    The graceful power show of nature


    Where we are

    Arslanlar Marble

    Kasımpaşa Mah. Atatürk Cad. No: 99 K: 4 D: 9 35470 Menderes İzmir Turkiye